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Compiled by the Registry of Guitar Tutors – the specialists in guitar education. Use this book to develop your playing and gain a recognised qualification in rock guitar playing.

This book focuses on the Improvisation and Aural Assessment sections of the RGT Grade Eight exam in rock guitar playing. The chords you might need to play rock rhythm guitar at this level are illustrated in tab, notation and fretboxes. Useful scale fretboxes for rock guitar lead playing at this level are also provided. Several examples of the type of chord progressions that may appear in the improvisation section of the exam are included, together with performance tips and advice. Examples and explanations of all the aural tests are also included. The book also includes suggestions and advice for selecting pieces to play in the performance section of the exam.

Studying this course will help improve your musical abilities – making it ideal for those who wish to extend their musical knowledge and improve their rock guitar playing to a very high level.