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Written in a similar popular vein as Junior Jazz Book 1, Recital Rags includes five short ragtime pieces for the younger player, offering useful teaching and concert repertoire. Tony Osborne is a past master at writing idiomatic and enjoyable music for the younger bassist and each piece has great rhythmic and melodic appeal, using a variety of keys and with simple, syncopated and supportive accompaniments.

Tony Osborne is an important educationalist and prolific composer who has made a significant and unique contribution to the double bass repertoire over the past 35 years. His solo music for young bassists is included by many international examination boards, and his many ensembles pieces are performed at workshops and concerts throughout the world. Tony Osborne notes the influences of Gershwin, Copland and Bernstein, alongside some of the Russian masters, on his music, which he combines with a jazzy, rhythmic and energetic style that has been popular with players and audiences worldwide.