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This is the first book of the 3 part series and accompanies the highly acclaimed RGT Bass Guitar Playing Examinations.

Ideal for beginners, the book covers several styles of bass playing with example music in both the book and on the provided audio CD. Written as a practice aid for the improvisation part of the exam, the sections are expertly designed to progress at the perfect pace for the Early Grades player. The CD backing tracks are all professionally recorded and cover a wide range of styles from the last three decades. All are without the bass so you can work on new ideas for each track whenever you want, you should be jamming along in no time!

The book enables the reader to develop bass-line creation skills, explaining the necessary theory along the way using tablature, notation and diagrams. Whether or not you intend to take the RGT bass exams, this book is simply the best introduction to improvising bass guitar.